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Month: April 2016

I wouldn’t join that club, even if it would have me as a member!

When I first went to University in the 70’s I joined a club called the Temperance Society whose motto was to the effect of “we believe in moderation in all things, and in each members right to define ‘moderation’ for themselves”. Of course, the Temperance Society was a drinking and social society whose name was a silly undergrad irony, and whose members were more likely to define ‘moderation’ at the binge end of the consumption scale than at the abstemious end.    Some of the great campus rakes were members as were many aspiring rakes. But the Society was fairly non-prescriptive in its membership rules, as far as I can recall.  You signed up, paid your money and you were a member.  The committee had no power to ban prospective members who were, say, active evangelists for abstinence drink, food and flesh.  That someone opposed to the core bacchanalian activities of the club would want to join never crossed anyone’s mind, but if it had our view would have been “we’ll take your money, but you are going to have a painful time.” The most likely outcome for such members was, at best, boredom, but most likely they would be offended, and at worst they would leave in bitter disappointment and with tragic lack of fulfillment at failing to convert any of our members to their flock. You have...

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