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Month: October 2016

What would Menzies, Howard and Whitlam have done?

I wanted to share this wonderful, clear, novel piece by Michael Kirby on the stupid plebiscite. It looks at the purported positions of Australia’s two longest-serving PM’s and Gough on the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite. Kirby’s view is based on various public positions and quotes by all three, and observations of others, since two of them have now passed on. You won’t be surprised that Kirby outlines (with much more authority and grace) many of the positions that I have been publishing in recent weeks. Unsurprisingly, the focus is on the 3 PM’s having a view that the power...

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Mandate, Schmandate!

Dear George Brandis, I’ve been listening very carefully to your nuanced conversations about the authority and process for the Same Sex Marriage legislation that you are proposing. I just want to get this right so I understand this right, so I’ve summarised my understanding below. The LNP coalition went to the last election with a bunch of policies in your platform; You won government by the barest of majorities: 1 seat in the House of Reps and 50.36% of the 2PP vote; But, nonetheless, it is a win, and Her Majesty gave you a mandate to form government; Now that...

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