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Author: Adam Russell

Same-sex marriage a safety net for the health of the state

[This is my response to Brendan O’Neill’s yarn “Same-sex marriage just another nanny state safety net” in the Weekend Australian.] Brendan, you’ve got it all wrong: totally arse-about-face backwards.  I wonder if any analysis of Same Sex Marriage (SSM) could add less value to the debate. Firstly, SSM is about equality. It’s about treating people the same with respect to the state-sanctioned institution of marriage and its follow-on state administration. SSM is about putting the fact and practise to non-discrimination, rather than the pretense or aspiration of non-discrimination.  It’s not asking for other people to lose their rights or asking for anything that isn’t already a right granted to other people.   Secondly, it’s important to make sure we understand and focus on the real issue at hand. I’m pretty certain it’s not about “gay liberation” – I think we should rest our worries on that score. Being happily heterosexual myself, I don’t have an authoritative view on the “gay liberation” conspiracy that you write about, but it does seem a bit far-fetched: this idea of a multi-generational proactive gay liberation elite campaigning to establish gay domination.  It doesn’t pass the ‘Pub Test’.  And in any cases such an objective is inimical to the many couples who I know and work with who just want to be treated like anyone else.  So it’s not about “gay liberation”. What else isn’t it about. Oh:...

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